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Places to visit

Our valley Montafon offers a destination for everyone who would like to explore. A variety of impressions of the unique natural backdrops, culture and customs, tradition and much more, will remain in unforgettable memories. So go with us on discovery trip!

Aqua Hike

Water - the white gold of the mountains. In summer 1999, a new aqua hike was opened. 



An ideal starting point for walks, mountain hikes and tours of the Alps!


Our Maisaess

In the summer, we always like taking our guests on a trip to our boss' wife's home area, where we hike together on the "Maisäss Garfülla". 



About 2 hours away, through the attractive and breathtaking Gau valley, or through the Golm (a magnificent ski resort in winter). Ideal for everybody ­ hikers, walkers or visitors.